Friday, 9 September 2011


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BURNING BARCELONA (Bristol Book Publishing, 2008)
Historical fiction set in Birmingam and Barcelona in the 1830s, when the first steam engine was installed in Spain.
A book of 20 short stories based on events that have happened in some of the 200 or so hotels called Bristol around the world. The Mail on Sunday Travel Book of the Week.
LUNCH WITH ELIZABETH DAVID (Little Brown, 1999, Abacus pbk, 200, 2001, eBook 2011)
A fanciful tale about the travel writer Norman Douglas, his protégé Eric Wolton, and the cookery writer Elizabeth David, who expressed her debt of gratitude to him in her first book. Much of the tale is set in Calabria.
A-TRAIN (Star Books, 1985, eBook 2012)
Imagine a nuclear rail disaster.
AFTERMATH (Star Books, 1982, eBook 2012)
A nuclear thriller, written shortly after Cruise missiles were deployed in the UK. It became recommended reading for local government's 'what to do in emrgency' kit.

THE ROYAL ALBERT HALL: a Victorian Masterpiece for the 21st Century (Fitzharding Press, 2003, eBook 2011)
A history of the RAH as London's popular 'village hall', beautifully illustrated after several months' research among the hall's extensive archives, and produed to concide with £73million refurbishment.

A history of newspaper and periodical publishing seen through station bookstalls. Copies can be seen at The Newsroom, the Guardian's archive and visitor centre in Farringdon Street.
OVER EUROPE (Weldon Owen/Times Books, 1991)
I provided the extensive captions and a chapter on the history of aerial photography for this exceptional coffee-table book of specially commissioned aerial photographs of the new Europe that was revealed as the Iron Curtain lifted. The main text was by Jan Morris.

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